About us

BDCL is recognised as one of the leading professional architectural practices in the Cayman Islands.

We have extensive experience in luxury and commercial architecture, interior design, project development, fixture sourcing, design consultancy and construction management.

With over 30 years’ experience, ranging from government and institutional to private client projects, we believe in providing cost-effective, high-quality, and sustainable architecture in response to our clients’ specific needs.


We enjoy working with our clients to achieve their vision.

That is why we provide our clients with personalized assistance throughout to ensure the most effective decisions are made on costs, design, timing and overall project management. Understanding functional and behavioral patterns are intrinsic to our working method.

Research of materials and technologies leads us to new and innovative solutions while respecting tried and tested design and construction methods.

Working closely with our clients and a network of consultants is an approach that has helped us to often reinvent established building types in the Cayman Islands.

Our Sustainability

We are committed to conserving our environment and seek to incorporate sustainable design as a basic tenet of our practice.

We believe that by utilizing our natural and cultural resources in design, we can help to preserve the Cayman Island’s environment for future generations. Where possible, we follow the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building rating system with respect to design, site development, water efficiency, energy efficiency, material selection and indoor environmental quality.

We also subscribe to the principles of New Urbanism which promote the creation and restoration of diverse, walkable, compact, vibrant, mixed-use communities composed of the same components as conventional development, but assembled in a more integrated fashion, in the form of complete communities. These contain housing, work places, shops, entertainment, schools, parks, and civic facilities essential to the daily lives of the residents, all within easy walking distance of each other.